About Us

A Commitment To Stand Behind An Architectural Masterpiece.


Behind the walls of residential and commercial architectures are more than just landscape and interior settings, but carefully planned spaces to achieve perfection and practicality.

Acclaimed in the delivery and consistency of quality developments – Villamas has experienced tremendous growth which exceeds RM1.3billion in gross development value since its first property endeavour in year 2000. Villamas’ vision to bring together a lifestyle of enhanced living, business and leisure still remains; while its purchasers, clientele and investors are set to indulge in the best of architectural advancements and lucrative investment returns.

Now standing strong with a team of experts and professionals in engineering, construction, town planning, marketing and finance, Villamas has mastered the craft of taking basic architectural blending in with the latest design and functionality concept.

The results are projects with inspired urban living, The Andes, Cristal Residence, Verde@Ara Damansara, Zefer Hill Residence and Serin Residency that show poise crafted to perfection. All of Villamas’ homes are designed to appeal to cosmopolitan dwellers and to those who truly appreciate the new experience of living. Characterized by innovation, exclusivity and elegant architectures, such are the qualities that Villamas possesses to cater to homeowners and investors alike.