Purple Member* White Member

Owner of Villamas property are privy to this exclusive

invitation to become Purple member automatically.

White member Registrants of Villamas property are

privy to this invitation.

*In order to qualify for the referral fees, Purple card members are required to strictly comply with the terms and conditions as stated below:-
(a) To provide our sales representative with the necessary details such as membership no., prospect’s name and expected time of visit to our sales gallery. All information must be provided prior to the visit as well as the signing of the booking form. We can be contacted at (03) 7728 6666 or (012) 5388 133.
(b) Members are required to fill the referral form prior to any form of transactions. V-Club members are not allowed to refer other members.
(c) Item (a) is not applicable in the event of both, the member and the potential purchaser, will be visiting the sales gallery concurrently.